Fear Of Failure

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Growing up in a household with business minded parents, I had become accustomed to disappointments, failures, bad ideas, horrible ideas and decisions. Which would cross into their everyday, family and business life. How it affected said lives and how they “kept it moving“. Yet even with so much hurdles, set by them or others. I never really saw it as a problem when it came for them to “get back on the horse“. They always learned, re-calculated and tried new ideas, looked at different versions, either updated and or reevaluated. My parents hit the drawing board with new-found vigor and was literally back at it the next available opportunity.

This is the type of thinking as a people we need and should make a constant requirement in our lives. We should have inherited what our fore fathers had without even thinking. Trail-blazers, explorers, immigrants who were not forced to be here the ones who set out across the oceans and continents to change their circumstances. It’s these people the ones before us; where “failure is not an option“.

My parents were always trying to guess or understand what the people wanted, before they remembered what they wanted, and didn’t know they wanted. They gave customers more choices than needed, which lead the people to decide to purchase (with a little encouragement of course). Through it all there were losses, then there were gains… I never really saw my parents let deterrents set them back or stop them dead in their tracks. The mission was always to get people in the door and to let them decide freely to spend their money. The saying in the shop was “Ok… we didn’t get it with THIS; let’s try to get them with THAT.”

In this world today there are so many things we can fear as a people. We have been hit with obstacles all along the way from slavery, to racism, to poverty. All races are subject to adversity. The real death to us all (in my opinion) is “the fear of failure” or is it “the fear of success”. However you look at it; it’s the same thing. We use the same things to classify if we go after an undertaking. This simple way of thinking is one of our biggest hold-backs from progress. We must be willing to react to what is thrown our way by life and circumstance and overcome. We must believe in ourselves. To know that we are capable and can be a presence, a force and a model for people to look at for inspiration.

Why do we let things, emotions and people deter us? Do we not believe in ourselves? Does the fear of someones opinion hold that much significance, or carry that much weight that we let it dictate how we operate? Is there something wrong with the way we perceive ourselves? Do we know what we want or where we want to be? How can we reach our full potential? What is wrong with succeeding? Do we really understand success?

Do we comprehend that without failures along the way to a goal; that we can never really learn, grow and succeed!

The only evaluation that should hold some gravity is “self evaluations” and the ones that help us learn positively; not in the opposite direction. We have been brought up in a society, that over and over again “That will never work” or “I told you so”. We as a people need a mindset and culture change. The determination and belief in self that no matter what “where there is a will; there is a way”.

We can not simply let someone just like us; hand us opinions, thoughts and reactions that influence our decisions, helps us make excuses and act as if we have electric fences to keep ourselves locked in.

Message I have:

Try; if you don’t succeed
try again
learn from mistakes,
grow from within.
Don’t let fear block your dreams,
don’t let what anyone has to say
prevent you from the win!

– Da Absentee –

As Always…

Stay Positive!


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