“Turn You Away”

There she goes
“oh boy, there she goes”
bad… and it shows
seen her dissect and cripple foes.

She`s what every man wants
“but does not know”
they all approach and leave dismembered
hearts trampled
“gone forever.”

She is perfect to say the least.
“She is beauty;”
but she is beast
driving possible suitors to the curb
she can destroy
only by the use of her words
“her speech”
she is impeccable to me

she is strong…
She does not need my praise
“she is flawed”
still as much of a diamond
any woman can be
but she is not
“any woman”
“to me”

she can be a hearts desire
a cool ocean breeze
she is Kelvin…
“when we speak of degrees”
soft sweet serenade
on a sunny day
she is shade
your iced lemonade

she is earthy, whole, passionate, unrelenting
so she never folds
the answer to the question
“what is life”
yet she is cold

wet, blurry, howling as a stormy night
for every companion that would darken her door
attempt to enter her section
“to her…”
before they have even approached
they were the wrong selection

even tho righteous
she makes herself a treasure
they can not afford
they will
“can never be on her accord”
for she is a brick as tall and as long
as the eye can see
she is dangerous…
life taking
as a hurricane sea

she is what every man wants but does not know
she can turn you away as Alaskan waters chill to the bone
“she should not be alone”
but no companion
will ever be chose
she locks her heart
behind a door that will always be closed.

She sees it as protection…
“For the evil men may do”
one was guilty so all others are too
are untrustworthy…
family has fallen short
“they’re nobody”
it seems like lies
that don’t hold up in court.

so maybe a gesture
of love and insecurity
will somehow
be introduced…
to brighten the day she doesn`t turn a possible love…


© Da Absentee 2011


This one is dedicated to the perfect women who turn all men away, or are unable to give themselves the opportunity to find love. For whatever reason it maybe. I hope you all find happiness someday…

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“Turn You Away”

As Always…

Stay Positive!


Yesterday; we were thinking about; tomorrow…
today; we worry about things we said and did yesterday…
still; today we worry about tomorrow…
yesterday was still fun
still productive…
what about today…
which was yesterday`s tomorrow…
does it matter less.
because we live it now.
or is it that we have to live
yesterday… today; for tomorrow
some way
as just a day
some how…

© Da Absentee 2011


I always ask myself questions that I can probably never answer, I don’t even know if anyone can answer them. Life has so many opportunities that we sometimes walk right into and sometimes walk around …

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As Always…

Stay Positive!


I understand
sometimes you want it soft and gentle
you need it warm and soothing
you need and want the physical completely in sync with the mental

I understand
you need it hard and cold
just need it beat, you want to be creased, midsection put on fold

I understand
your name perpendicular angles, alto and soprano groans
wrangled, tied down, boxed and hushed; Rubix-Cubed;
you need your body aired out to dry spanked and ravaged downtown
you want to be told what to do

You need to be compressed
ankles pressed, shoved into sheets
you want to be pounded to hear and feel your heartbeat
sweat rivers from the heat of the bed
drool on linen sheets, mixed with tears of joy
body fluids, stained blankets, sex toys…

Let loose tossed and turned
bit like an apple, sticky like wax;
yet burnt to a crisp
made to boil like grits, churned like butter
Thick…confusion, passion
laced with seizures and fits;
signs of release and hydraulic lifts
clenched fists, nipples clamped by lips
belted and scrutinized like misfits
pestled to a rub, induced like potpourri and smothered like a glove.

I understand you want your body rushed like a monsoon
so emotions flood from the womb
ripples and rumor, tantalize your curves, goosebumps, vibrations; throbbing and thrusts
and whatever you can think of being dropped in those guts
then laid out and left alone, so you can wriggle
thrash and experience your cum
your zone
then melt in position all on your own…

I understand
you need to be handled, outed like a candle
By a man you can put it down on…

Da Absentee © 2011


All I can say about this one is everybody wants it rough sometimes!

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Silent behind 4 walls
sunrise, cool night breeze lingers in the window.
eventful day, schedule shows
back & forth silhouettes erode
breakfast, clean and launder clothes
buttery eggs with toast on salty lips
days off
no face
no clock ticks
work indoors as the day glows
some skin exposed.
transition clears
you turn me…
we clean
every which way
reflection cleaner to class the day
you’re in solid form
almost norm
fluff all the right places
just my height
just my taste
you know you just my shape
fruit salad
your just my plate
wax polish
spit shine
with a slow song written all over your face
back to the salad
green tart grapes
easy music listening
dishes sparkling
shot-in gin
on a lazy day
stirred not shake-in
regular wash
hardly starched
don’t need you done up
just lightly dressed
sandals, panties, bra, worn flowered dress
not going nowhere so you can skip the rest
hints and quips
never speech
silent but understood
bending. sweeping. standing on feet.
I just stare…
everything else ..
smell of fresh clean laundry fills the air
kid searching…
find them nowhere
just me & you
you & me
I & you
you & I
lovely how the time
quick snack
20 minute adult nap
barter nick knacks
warm popsicle for a hot snatch
then calibrate the rest of the day
just to relax.
sun floats down
while the night falls
and finally we drift
behind 4 walls…

Da Absentee © 2011


When I wrote this, I was in the middle of  a mini vacation where it so happen that the wife and I were able to spend the day alone. without the kids “enjoying ourselves”.

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“For Your Body” (T)

I thirst…  to touch your body
and taste your fold
and feel your tremors whilst you unfold
tell me the things to tame your heart
open the gates that hold treasure tart
tell the technique
to make our tune… our union
an erotic treat
aim to thrill in totality
teach me to make you drip from anticipation
so when I brave the river
I feel, tease, taste and see
opaque and translucent juices run
experience multiple orgasms
tour your frame with tender kisses
loose and stiff tongue
toil at a love
that I love to be a part of
tempt me at every twist and turn
so I thirst..
to touch your body
and taste your fold
and feel your tremors
whilst you unfold…

 ©  Da Absentee 2011

I wrote this trying to convey how a man  would feel craving the one they love. Being in the moment and the experience. While using as many words that start with the letter “T”.  I ended up using 30 + t words. 
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As Always…
Stay Positive!

Education Not For Everyone?

Education can be and probably is the best way for our communities and people to rise above today’s current standards.We as people should use the resource of education to help overcome all aspects of negative world happenings. We have to use it as a driving force that would make available to us the common luxuries and securities that any normal person would want.

“Knowledge is Power” this is so true but I have also heard one to many times over the years that “College is Overrated”.  After coming of age and the positioning myself in this world, that statement is now and forever… wrong!  In today’s world having the opportunity to attend an institution of higher education and thinking is quite possibly the only way to travel the path of life.

Having grown and developed at a disadvantage. I took the example of my parents and ran with it. They themselves never attending college but being rather more successful than most with lists of accomplishments that could be considered above average.Yet… they to have fallen. They could not properly sustain their success even though being more than capable.

In today’s ever-changing, technological, light-speed global economy we should strive to help position ourselves and our offspring to heights well beyond our own undertakings. Some of us have grown up in environments where covering the bills was considered a way of life.  Just “Having Enough” will do and “I’m a Survivor” and I will “Make due with What I have”. Not saying these forms of thinking is wrong or neglectful but do we not want more from ourselves and  lives?

The less or uneducated man is least likely to succeed. Just a high school diploma to progress is not enough. For our young people to have any chance of a healthy, fulfilling and comfortable lifestyle we have to educate them!

I think of my nieces and nephews when I say “I wish I could afford to send them to school to better themselves.” 1 or 2 may get scholarships, toil away at the system and turnout alright, but I want more for them.

We as people have been victimized for many years, this should not put us in a place where we have no desire to better ourselves just because. We have to instill in our up and coming generations that higher education is a necessity. That they are incomplete without it and it will make them a more contributing individual to society as a whole. They can never know who they are in the appropriate timeline unless they engage the muscle of the mind so that it can afford them to be all they can be.

Is it not forward thinking and reasoning outside the common place where inventors have excelled even the inventions and innovations out of a basic need still needed to be perfected; by an educated mind.  Blueprints, mass production, the internet… was not conjured up by the simple-minded. It took know how and education to bring these things to light .

As parents and role models we have the “privilege” to imprint the future inhabitants of our world who will undoubtedly control and or play a major part in our own well-being. We being the elders who will one day depend on these/our young to maintain and facilitate our coming and goings. We should hold the responsiblity gravely and ensure these future leaders are the best at what they do. We have to educate the young people and remind them that “failure to educate” is an option to die for.

In exploring this entry, I have found myself at a point of explanation. I know my writing has focused on college education. This does not mean that I do not believe in the search for knowledge in other venues and streams. I also mean to say I believe this standard should start from the person on the floor to the guy up in the office.


Hairdressers: Should take some form of accounting and business administration courses so they can have a full background to make their business profitable and able to sustain. Knowing not every professional stylist is going to open their own establishment but in the event they decide to. They will be ready or equipped to tackle the endeavor.

Education by definition:: (the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.)

That definition is what we should strive for…

As Always…

Stay Positive!