I understand
sometimes you want it soft and gentle
you need it warm and soothing
you need and want the physical completely in sync with the mental

I understand
you need it hard and cold
just need it beat, you want to be creased, midsection put on fold

I understand
your name perpendicular angles, alto and soprano groans
wrangled, tied down, boxed and hushed; Rubix-Cubed;
you need your body aired out to dry spanked and ravaged downtown
you want to be told what to do

You need to be compressed
ankles pressed, shoved into sheets
you want to be pounded to hear and feel your heartbeat
sweat rivers from the heat of the bed
drool on linen sheets, mixed with tears of joy
body fluids, stained blankets, sex toys…

Let loose tossed and turned
bit like an apple, sticky like wax;
yet burnt to a crisp
made to boil like grits, churned like butter
Thick…confusion, passion
laced with seizures and fits;
signs of release and hydraulic lifts
clenched fists, nipples clamped by lips
belted and scrutinized like misfits
pestled to a rub, induced like potpourri and smothered like a glove.

I understand you want your body rushed like a monsoon
so emotions flood from the womb
ripples and rumor, tantalize your curves, goosebumps, vibrations; throbbing and thrusts
and whatever you can think of being dropped in those guts
then laid out and left alone, so you can wriggle
thrash and experience your cum
your zone
then melt in position all on your own…

I understand
you need to be handled, outed like a candle
By a man you can put it down on…

Da Absentee © 2011


All I can say about this one is everybody wants it rough sometimes!

You can listen to me recite this one on ReverbNation just follow the link below:


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