To Poetry: A Private Convo

You know…
I need more than a moment.
can we sit down, converse
we…I mean, I
need to throw some ideas around
we know each other all to well…
the more the secrets, the more a friendship is held.
You have been there for all my secrets
you’ve  even helped some unfold 
you were there when I first dreamed of creativity,
I didn’t even know,
but you brought simplicity.
You’ve held my hand one to many times
we’ve grown, we’ve understood
we’ve silenced doubters
haters and friends
I know now
you will be here with me to the end.
So with that
I want to keep you in my arms
keep you in my heart
don’t want us apart
your my confidant, my desire,
my fire, I can bring you anything
we can talk and write,
with no tainted flare, your my love manifest
when I close my eyes
you cross my sight.
This might seem corny or cliché
but you are my day, brought me from darkness to light
even when I denied, you used your insight
made me right,
You helped me see
I didn’t like what I had to see
I had left you alone
but now your back to me.
It’s the weather
it’s where I am in  my life.
you came and made moments right.
You’ve opened doors and close them
gave me memories, that no matter how old
who or where I am, I will cherish and hold them
your like the girl, the love, the instance    
my un-ending romance
my other partner in this dance
we call life.
You make me re-live everything
when I see paper, ink, pen and hand
I bleed to do it again
you torment my soul
make my right, make me wrong
make me dream of growing old
my left; my pause.  

You leave me in awe.

In disarray.

There is so much I would like to say.

You make my world complete
I tap your energy to fuel mine
my mind equates, defends
walls are broken, thoughts spoken.
I swear if you were a prospect 
you would have me open
I jus wanna get closer
your my drive, drive and do it all over.
Your my imagination come alive
you make me strive, dive
make me reveal inside,
share ,dare and compare 
you take me low
and bring me highs
goosebumps and dimples
couldn’t sum you up in one word
that’s why this isn’t simple
you bring the rush
triple fold.
You’re the embers of my being, make me see things worth seeing and you have always given me a dream, worth dreaming…
© Da Absentee 2011
One of my odes to Poetry.
Stay Positive…


Your my disaster
rage and rapture
I`m bound
so you capture
hence forth and moments after
you capture

capture my love

I want to learn your secrets
from deep within
be the wind to make your bow bend
have you lost in circumstance
that know no end
you capture

capture my love

sunset to sunrise
caught by your eyes
entranced I…
Don’t want to leave your side
you capture

capture my love

like a moments touch
entrapped in forever
scratch memories
in replay,
day in and day after
you capture

capture my love

I want to gift to you
what you’ve gifted me
wanna know your heart beats
the inner you…
I’d like to capture
like you to me
you capture

capture my love

my morning remedy
my midday dream
afternoon thoughts
nightly scream
like an epiphany
you capture

capture my love

you take my mind
on escapades
fall fast, loving hard
wanna be your strength
for the rest of our days
kiss you, love you, please you
learning all the ways
you capture

capture my love …

© Dual Perspective 2011



I wanted to share some of my other project. This is a poem taken from          “Dual Perspective” – Lost In Our Thoughts, this piece was co-written by             E. Lyric Johnson and myself .  I had started this scribe quite a time before and with just showing her what I had, she quickly completed it. This was one of the final works added to finish the project.

Stay Positive…

“Encouragement Cycled”






Attempt your goals like birds at flight
with the absence of light;
tunnels can come to scatter.

Everything becomes black becomes one
no walls no fraction;
use knowledge as a candle
become the wick that burns through
thinking the thoughts that bring light to you.

Somebody’s always saying something
establish strength, flaws and foes
be the rising sun make the cock-crow
for what you reap you sow.
All things need time to grow
so you can spot a change in flow.

do all the good things once more
positive outcomes
like before…


© Da Absentee 2011


There is so much negativity in this world. Do we really need to add more? So many people just throw hate and envy and bad intentions. This one is dedicated to uplifting everyone including yourself.

Stay Positive…

Click on the link below to listen to the audio of this poem:

“Encouragement Cycled”