Definition Of My Passion

I use a poem;

“A literary composition written with an intensity or beauty of language”

To seduce;

“entice into a desired state or position”

so you can be a part of and appreciate the love;

“A feeling of intense desire and attraction…the emotion of sex and romance”.

I have for art of romance;

“Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people”

So that you can apply the same passion in your life.

“The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence”.

“Exhale; Again…”



This room is too quiet!

I can hear the clock tick.
I can hear my heart beat.
I can hear you turning beside me.
I`m tired but wide awake.

It was good…
Maybe too good…

As we cuddle and try to finally get some sleep.
I close my eyes and a wave of”being”
comes over me,
The stills of tonight’s events flood my mental reel.
Playing; Then stops…

I catch a chill…
remembering our united release
Our moment of relief
The EXHALE of you and me
I’m floating , somewhat melting, dazed and completely shocked…
Man its hot..

But your skin is so cool?!

This is so new.
This is so few.
This feeling.
I never knew that in this case two could be one,
and activities so intense in the dark
could burn like the sun
your my one and only one…

I love when you make me exhale.
You make me want to exhale.

Exhale again!

© Da Absentee 2011


Inspired by… Well laying in the after glow of sharing energy…

You can listen to me perform this write in Spoken Word recording! Just follow the link below:

Exhale Again

Stay Positive!