“A Couple’s Prayer”

Dear Lord,
we come to you humble and meek
your forgiveness and guidance, we seek.
We praise you for your undying grace
by giving us each other you also filled the other empty space
not only do we wish to be fortified in the spirit
Lord. To you; our relationship we`d like to commit
for without you…
There`s no foundation
the ship would surely sail for this relation
aware of our weaknesses we pray for strength
to our years together; dear Lord add length
mold us into images of your desire
purify us wonderful Sanctifier
let us be patient
let us be kind, let us be all that love defines
help us not to fall into despair
humble us to spread Your Love, Your Care
protect our love, not to be touched by others
keep us as pure siblings, children and lovers
not to be broken by the devils` interferance
keep us in your arms from hence
influence us to be strong
to love and be separated no matter how long
let us love each other
as we together love you Lord
in closing
we ask for you to continue to bless us
together as one
we say thank you…


I just felt like sharing.

Stay Positive!

3 responses to ““A Couple’s Prayer”

  1. oh, i love this. i love this so much. So beautifully, humbly & wonderfully centered. very encompassing prayer touching on some very genuine truths to a relationship. You have amazing insight on this one. love it!


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