“Slipping Away”

grown to a limit
til out of sight
cricket speaks; nothing comes cheap
even if you don’t agree
your; my story is complete
we are lost
world no longer at our feet
listen to it
the heart beat
slowing every minute
sooner no later
stops… fades
pre-planned to disappear
disperse, deceased, gone
no more together
no more alone
no more you or me

© Da Absentee 2011


I have grown or lived to my potential. As I am leaving this life. In my last moments I think about the world and what it has become, I think of the things my elders have said and no matter how much I tried to ignore what they said. I find myself quoting what they said. I think of my life. The good and bad and what it cost me to live the way I did. The world has become so off track with what we as humans really need. I am dying, the world is dying. I already know that everything must come to an end, even me. As I fade and enter eternal sleep.

I have never been afraid of death, and I never have understood the reason to want to cheat death. As long as I could remember, or as soon as I had a true understanding of what death was… It was clear that we all are going to get there one way or another. Why do some of us dread something as huge as death, which is something we have no control over, something everyone will at some point experience. No exceptions.

As Always…

Stay Positive!




17 responses to ““Slipping Away”

  1. btw, i wish i could be more like you. i fear death like no other. i pray for mercy, but even with forgiveness, i just can’t imagine ever feeling worthy of heaven. i don’t even feel worthy of my friends & family. make that God’s beloved… i just wonder if i’ll actually get there. your honest outlook is really inspiring.


  2. I want thank you for visiting my site and reading my poem today! I do believe that i know the reason why. You see i am a disabled veteran with ailments that get worse all the time…and the number of thing mount daily! My brother the only words i can express to you at this time…is i know that your place is waiting as i know also mine is too! Here is a poem for you, i write a lot of things that fit certain moments in time for certain brothers and sisters.I have felt the faith in your heart and his grace in your spirit!

    “My Place”

    Each morning I rise before you
    Never taking for granted what I find,
    Knowing that it is only by your grace
    That the breath inside my lungs is mine

    And as I open my eyes to you
    As rays of happiness alight my face
    I am filled with a certain tranquility
    That I will never find to be displaced

    For the light within shines brighter
    Than the radiance of the new day sun
    And my heart is lifted by your grace
    Pointing to the place my faith has won

    For even though all I see around me
    In this world will soon turn to dust
    There’s only one thought that moves me
    To live eternally, His love is a must

    For only you alone could give to me
    A reward that I could never earn
    And only by believing in your grace
    Was my place in heaven born.

    Wendell A. Brown
    Copyright 2011,
    All Rights reserved.

    Brother we know that our birthing pains in death is only the final step to eternal life! Much love to you and i pray that He elevates you every day and every step of the way with His continuing love!


  3. It’s a strange thing. It’s always in the back of my mind and informs my writing but reading someone else’s work and seeing it presented so well on this subject has stopped me in my tracks for a moment. Great work.


  4. Okay, so this is probably the wrong post to tell you this, lol, but i would like to honor you with the “one lovely blog” award. all the details are on the post on my site. i love your stuff, & appreciate you being such a loyal follower of mine. i wish you more than the best. and you deserve this award. I hope a lot of people follow your link & get the chance to read all the great stuff i have had the honor of reading! you are amazing poet. ~ unwritten truth


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