“Internal Demons“


Even now …

Today I see unearthly shadows progress across the landscape,

where’s our escape, Even now they won’t let it be…

Living in the past, is just that the past.

That past needs to be forgotten it’s too wrong,

too down-trodden to label it for me.

I’ve grown.. I’ve left it alone.. Yet I’ve made it my own…


My mistakes, seems to never leave,

my emotions are carrying me,

down such a path, I can’t explain

why it seems my past is holding me down like chains,

mentally jailing me, no matter my stride

I begin to feel that the new me is a lie,

or maybe a dream, or even a myth

my demons tell me I can’t obtain


The damn bastards hold, laugh and prod.

But I know of this fight… I know these devils all to well

They won’t hold me hostage… For their fire is nothing I can’t bare;

Extinguish… with one breath… I’ll win unscathed,

untouched, not one bruise.

Their attempt to confuse, has no use…

This facade will distract… So I have time to react.


Can’t be free,

they’re holding me

to the things I used to be,

fear keeps them surrounding me,

hoping to never let them tell on me,

see I got it now,

my demons are my fears of …..


telling me I’ve not grown, I’m still that troubled me,

looking me in the face, laughing at me,

begin to reveal those things with which they tied me,

no longer ashamed to hide the road in which I’ve traveled

seems I’ve weakened my demons

with the thoughts just unraveled,

for the first time I’ve conquered myself

and began a new leaf being free

see what held me back,

kept me chained,

wasn’t so-called “demons”

……It was me!!!

© Dual Perspective 2011


This is another excerpt from my “Dual Perspective” project with my co-writer E. Lyric Johnson. We actually have a pretty good size catalogue of work together.

This gem is about taking the steps to realize that we do so much damage to ourselves by doubting, making excuses, being afraid of change or not believing in ourselves.

I’ll admit that when we wrote this we did not intend, or have a purpose as in saying this was the topic, it just came organically.

I start of this poem with the first then we exchange, taking it verse by verse. We had set an initial limit of 4 verses a piece. Until reading her last verse, obviously there was no need to continue I love where we took this one.

I hope all who read this enjoy it as much as I do.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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