“From A Dark Place”


Has a few wrongs to right
Evil trying to live right…

That can’t be right?

Gut her like a pig
hang her like muddy catfish
drain the demon from within
but good or bad…

She gives it her all!

She closes her eyes
asking why?
Why does she try
grits her teeth
clench her fists
pray for gray skies
How has she fallen into…

Living a lie?

Obsessed with change
she never changes
She can conquer fear
She can become fear
Yet there is no sight of attempted conquest.

“Wrong time to find a new me?”

Evil is one to leave the unwanted behind
converge, convert and return;

If there is a next time…

She lives
Tries not to forget
She is not one to live with it
but she co-habits with regret
examines herself

To find herself
telling herself

“You are something… someone else?!.”

So why does she divert from self
from loving herself

No love…

For anyone else
until she finds the love for herself

Happy at all… or no cost

She needs to find that magic mirror
so she can see…

Find and describe
what she has lost…

© Da Absentee 2012


Like the title says… its speaking from a dark place. When I write sometimes I never really see where the thoughts and words come from. I just know that they do.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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