“If For One Second”

The course was all but etched and painted
they thought the guide
effortlessly… The best of her kind
would never steer them wrong
in the few days away from you
what would they ever do

if for one second…
they had the thought of losing you

face the day again
how … keep…
instead of burn bridges with friends
cross a burning forest
Only to expire at every attempt
just to see you again

if for one second…
they had the thought of losing you

think… instead of waste energy on anger
only so many ways to love… none mastered
journey of affirmation finding
its way to your affection
one reason they rise to their feet
even on those days
they can`t face the meek

even if for one second…
They had the thought of losing you

glimpse at the moon
in the late afternoon
enough to run into a burning room
minutes in their life,
they would never trade in their life
knowing they should
but didn’t

If for one second…
they had the thought of losing you

What would they do?

© Da Absentee 2012


As so many other poems or poetry. This one is dedicated to “love” and the course that “love” travels through our lives. The disregard for our own aspirations, ideas and path that we have chosen. Love does not care, it interrupts, intrudes and can make this life so messy.

When I write about “love” I love to envision a female. The way we always have to come back to the female, as in our “beginning”. We all owe a woman, for our lives.

Well… Back to this piece.

The real question is what if we lose it? What if we lose this element that travels with us from beginning to end? What if we lose “love”…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

7 responses to ““If For One Second”

  1. When selfishness is present, one only thinks of how they can make life better for themselves, never completely giving to the other. Would they care if we were to pass on? Sure, when they sit back alone and realize the treasure is missing from their lives, but after a few moments they will go and start digging for more treasure, hoping to wash their sorrows away. Pure, true love, if you were in a fire, would be like a mother who dashes in regardless of the danger to save you, so she would do anything to save the relationship! One may take a bullet mean’t for the one they love, because they would die for you…emulation of God? I will die on a cross for you , that is how much I love you, i will take a speeding bullet for you, that is how much i love you. I would die for you, if that means you will live! All because of the most powerful entity in the world…love! Your spirit is full of light, and life, when we take the next step on our flesh perishes but the spirit lives….when they ran to the tomb, they found only the things they covered him in and he walked out of the tomb, we will certainly have a glorified body and we will be with Him! Blessings to you my brother for your words that you share are so very inspiring, making my heart dance in certain delight!


  2. wow. AMAZING ENDING. it took my breath away. i love this one. 5 stars & congratulations. i love this. thought-provoking, mysterious & intriguing, & it’s also a very rhythmic read. i loved it. so great. btw, i somewhat figured the ‘you’ was love… was i totally off there?


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