“Thoughts – 12”

Stops… Hearts do every second
leaps and bounds; in calls and beckons
life has so many lessons

to teach
so many souls out of our reach
imagine things we can do
with the things we put our mind to

love sometimes stays or goes
grows, fades, passes us by
wind blows, like winning blows
as river flows, time goes…

listening to the world around
loud crashes, breaks, and peaceful sounds
turn around to see and learn
wait… you will always get your turn
in the same order
history repeats itself…
common case disorder

some things fall into place
when & after tears roll down your face
whats near can be far
this you already know…

final thought…
everything changes…
thats life…

© Da Absentee 2012


When I first started this blog, it was conjunction with a few friends that we would totally expand and do other things with it. We were going to take it in a certain direction.

That has changed; I have now made it my diary of sorts and that is just what a web log is. I am sharing more than anticipated and I am giving it a structure I could have never guessed back when I made my initial post.

So to all of you who faithfully read and visit…

I will begin to contribute to an entire new Category/Series:

“Thoughts” – these usually come out of what I guess everyone calls “writers block” or not knowing what to write. I have found that evn in this stage. You just need to write something , anything.

With that being said, the work that will be put into the “Thoughts” category wont be normal. They will be eccentric or a little off, according to my standards…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

2 responses to ““Thoughts – 12”

  1. Good idea. I tend to work like this in so much as I write regardless of inspiration. Sometimes I have an idea, sometimes not. Eventually something will come through as I work on the lines that begin to ignite my thought processes.


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