“You Here”

It’s what keeps me here
wanting you here
the space I need like old typewriters take
back and forth to operate
through all the lies
and double-sided knives
the will to survive
depend and function like Egypt to the Nile

You’re the motivational trigger
for the 18 to 23 muscle reaction they call
it would sadden if I had to transpire
even expire without you
I never doubt you
I’m telling you how I feel about you.

I do better with words on paper than vocally beside you.
Its times like this I want you here
for the reflection, in my moments of introspection
stapled like dirt, stem and flower
in my creative minutes and hours
its you that keeps me wanting…

you here…

Β© Da Absentee 2011


Thinking of some of the things that makes you want to have your loved ones around. When the words don’t come easy. Knowing that they have been their through so much;  to know they always have your back. Brings a smile to your face and warmth in your heart. They make your day run right just having their presence in your life.

Take the time to tell the ones you hold close, that you love them and even when they are not around or far away. No matter what, you always want them around… 

You can listen to this poem by clicking on the link below:


As Always…

Stay Positive!

4 responses to ““You Here”

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    • Thanx J. Its one of those that really came in the moment then with a little after thought jus came together. The image is actually one of mine touched up a little!


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