“Intricate Design”

call u…

completed for me,

rich heavy top,

explosive between ears

sweet, salty refreshing tears

loose, firm, hard,

soft sound

tantalizing siren

sculpted neck and frame

shoulders sets…

accentuate upper facade

chest impeccable

arms unique

wrist, palm

and pleasure providers

can make stress obsolete


beautiful lines and all

with dents, nicks and flaws

I love to grab, touch, feel and see it all

thighs essence hold

connection of mid-fold

calves of piston steel

maybe bare maybe tat

first thing of leather spying at

between your legs poison vat

drugs uncontrollable

researched fact


men have fallen

because the power of that.

lotion, soap, fragrance

in my hearty hug

he made your intricate design

for me to fall in love…


© Da Absentee 2011


I wrote this one thinking of my wife. With all her love and imperfections.

As Always…

Stay Positive!


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