“Maybe… Someday…”


Maybe someday I can find out
maybe I can do without
someday find the secret of life
maybe separate rotten from ripe.

Someday maybe at this point in life
all that I want is my soul;
to turn out right
maybe as the frail hearted time their departure flights
maybe someday i`ll learn to love and love right.

my time is soon to end
i`ll conceive lost but found
silent but profound
shadow but light.

Maybe someday, probably

All the days of my life…


© Da Absentee 2011


There is always parts of your life where you hit gray patches. This is a moment when I walked into one. Pondering our real purpose in life, we can think of  how one would truly eradicate the negative to only hold on to the positive. Times in our lives where one  should have done better but didn’t. Looking for that epiphany, knowing there is a possibility for some of us it will never happen…

You can listen to this poem by clicking on the link below:

“Maybe Someday” 

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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