“Second Time”

after rest
blackout break
coming back in
I can’t see your face
the image of content
still wrapped 
glimpse, make out movement
part of you wanting me
take my position
places pose
attain comfort
in linen cushion spring
looking up and close my lids
the still
silence silencing
system converting
to stand by…
with no restart
tingling, rising, tickling
smoothly putting points
sticking needles to my skin
lovers fingers or tongue 
finding me 
beckoning my attention
attempt position
pull closer
on top
peel and seek
rescue from ornate trappings
find, collect, leverage
unite, insight, compress…
two become one
motion to friction
verbs, whispering diction
breathing and muffled sounds
heart vessels
veins abound
spilling while losing…
bodies run aground

 © Da Absentee 2012
As Always…
Stay Positive!

3 responses to ““Second Time”

  1. wow… by the way I love the way you use words in a count; that creates an unbreakable internal music; your pieces fit to be songs..

    & it happened that I have to follow you a “second time” 🙂 as I’m not getting notified of any of your new hits..

    Love & Light


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