“Love Added”

How love has survived
through ages of time
no matter how much
surrounded by terrible decline
it’s always found on some incline!

An ever replenishing force
that makes people change
apparent as roads with forks
cultivate a solid resource
detour onto  a deteriorating course.

Makes the silver spoons relinquish their savings
and a poor man give his heart
I wonder…
Where did love start ?

Was it truly given to us?
the cost of love always seems so high
strong & everlasting
example for the test of time.

Love makes the imperiled – just fine
the lonely – complete
the downtrodden – uplifted
an extrovert – discrete.

Changes composure
stills the irregular heartbeat
blurs your vision
sends you reeling 
blinding speeds

Love is something every human needs…

Added to their existence
a part of their life
maybe it would equate
to what a piece of heaven feels like…

© Da Absentee 2012


Everyone needs a little love in their live. Some of us can be so hard on ourselves, on others and on the world. We all have a soft spot hidden somewhere.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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