“Looking Through The Phone”

-male verse-

-female verse-



This year has gone by so quickly;

and time seems to be not enough whenever you’re with me,


I’m looking at the picture of me and you,

smiling at the thought of me and you.


Singing “Thank God I Found You”;

I really don’t know how and what I would do without you,


Can’t wait till I get to see you;

how I’ve missed you.


Knowing that “I Belong To You” keeps me oh so… optimistic!!


I count the moments until “At Last” you’re here with me

I suppose this is what love is or could be…

This cloud nine feeling you’ve given me.

It can only be “Real Love”.


That makes it seem so “Unbreakable”;

that makes this seem so capable,


Scrolling these words and photos of you;

yes my heart does grow fonder when ”I Can’t Get Next To You”.


This instrument has become our life line,

our land line …

My reach you anytime; so I purposely keep it near,

And purposely hold it dear,

here, by my heart.


Even though most of the time is time apart;

all of our time is time well spent

Scratch That




Loving our togetherness!

These pictures, like stolen memories, take me back to those times.


Looking through my phone

is like living in those times, pictures, messages, songs

keep me and you intertwined;


You really got a hold on me.


 © Dual Perspective 2011



Continuing with sharing from the DP project. So many relationships nowadays rely on our handheld technology. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the same town, long distance, across the oceans. Its been the death and success to so many relationships. This of course is the positive side.

As part of the prompt we incorporated song titles into the writing!

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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