Portions reflected
last season requested

requested for repeat
humbled position seat

suppression – relics locked away
distaste, bleach
wretched misplaced

at a serene point
specter, specters
eyes of lava haze

demon who totes his own demons
combing for a puncture
a reason
to fit at a juncture

pieces of me, fabrics of me
left to scowl
sour rhine

looking in
spread myself thin
attempt to peek in
whats really within?

not afraid of death
I sleep in-depth
collective stress

I can love more than myself
more than 1 at the same time
in a lifetime
words seem powerful
and tend to linger on

watch what I tell
made myself an empty shell
pushed away
never stopped counting days
they pass away
took the road of easy
one too many
now they are stacked up plenty

I have loved strong
loved long
I know love

I know how to love wrong
steer wrong
if anything
it’s the one thing
I have done wrong

trampled over some
I already bulldozed on

no longer afraid to climb
I now know how to hold on
no matter how believed
only person
I cheated on
Was me

I can not disclose
situations and friendships I hold
I shall keep and carry
til im tired, dead and cold

sworn never blowed
never inhaled so second-hand zoned
very self composed
an addictive addict
at my core
to my heart

lost in my mind
could care less to what anyone thinks
actions mine to uphold
I have nothing
as in to bare my soul

lost for my addiction
I was young
lesson learnt
even family can turn you numb
put you on the misguided path

no regrets
life “is”
so I will never forget

I am putting my fragments together
I havent found
the man

I am


© Da Absentee 2011


For me sometimes all this poetry is just to help me think…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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