“Elements Of Cin-Lorn”

clear the machine
see cloth
see colors
long drawn out numbers
yellow receipts
sprawled across glass
terrible pink
something, someone
challenging to think
know many by face
know more by name
had to take their name
order fulfillment
layaway and holds
money in hand
transaction closed
its hot outside
even though wind blows
leather backpacks
socks… mannequin to sequins
flowers and plaids
ribbons to plastic bags
buzzing like the Christmas season.
Miss in back
Miss in tow.
Seen many a nights
when these individuals
just go.
Sewing machines never gave up
better yet give out
needles and thread
irons steaming
eyes transfixed
aiming at heads
stapler, scissors, food
looking back
always seemed like a whirlwind
learnt of supply and demand
how and where to stand
business and how to size man
forward thinking
when it is ok to hoard
and how to establish
across the board


This is me reminiscing about my younger days on the islands. My Aunt ran a uniform store and I would help her in the late summer when it got really busy. It was always a good thing showing support to the family and making the extra money. I wrote this when I got the news she had died last November. She will always be special to me. These times are in part what molded me…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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