“Your & My Ability”

Funnel through me… purpose of my expected lifetime
slow through me… sometimes deny my bloodline
have to wait…

Finding me… comes in due time 
soft inside, hardened outside 
imploding, bleed and sell my soul

Melt… infuse myself like coal
getting old… found, shared and told
bought and sold, packed and shipped

Loved and forbidden… personal canvas
to paint my hidden
shears of life snip… cut my movie clip

whatsoever they reel at me…
no matter what they throw in front of me…
I won`t let it begin… To start stopping me

Make me slip, apply weight to my shoulder chip
can anyone tell me… what type of life is this?
it’s either escalator or pushed off cliff

Exciting progression downtrodden depressing
between is limbo… either don’t or do
when it comes down to it … only you

Trenching inside…
can find the ability to help you…

© Da Absentee 2011


It’s so many times in life where we feel “beat up” and as if we can’t go on. This train of thought was derived from digging deep and overcoming any situation you have been placed in.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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