“Memories Of Fruit Trees”



As my islands rise
from ocean, from salt
polyps and lime
so do I…
My love is how
I try
tho thin
and not the best
my world is like no one else…
Some take root to add
some come to slash and burn
which only lasts for so long…
Some bring their own soil
to add up on
we are void, my isle and me
Only childhood memories
truly consistent to me
fruit trees, mango to sapadilly…
Sea grape to lime,
coconuts was like throwing pearl to swine
cherries and june plum,
grapefruit to scarlet plum.
Yellow plum and guinep
I remember hurricane winds
roaming through these trees
breadfruit and ackee
dashed away lemons on lemons
sour orange and sour sop
down to the cherries and tomatoes
pineapple to coco plum
thinking of it
I could taste my archipelago…
I miss my home so
I can smile tho…
for it’s in my heart
with me
Wherever I go!

© Da Absentee 2012


Growing up in the islands was such an enlightening thing for me I would not know what I would be without it. I havent travelled home in a long time I think its high time I make a trip. Even if it’s just to sit at the beach with my feet in the sand.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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