“Forever Posted”

Call me
a god of the night
but  unprotected
I give light
where no one else would
some have to go out of their way
to truly appreciate me
I and my multitude of family,
duplicates and clan
I can be everywhere
yet right here
I alone
even tho in my space
I am calculated never alone
never to reach the others shine
I stand…
Yet do the same job for all
I never judge.
I see no color.
exercise no prejudice.
often neglected;
but always depended
forgotten by day
everyone passes
never think
to talk to me
never ask how’s my day
I never sleep at night
I sleep the days away
I work a night shift
you can set your clock by me
when I fail,
if ever I fail… 
I leave a void to be filled
in the darkest hour
I bring slight comfort like no other
I know to some
it does not matter
but ask the lone figure
or the stranded mother
I will be here
ready to work my shift
When the day fades away…
© Da Absentee 2012
I work nights. So I always look for things to relate, that share my same fate!  This is what came to mind…
As Always…
Stay Positive!

6 responses to ““Forever Posted”

  1. Before blogging, I had searched too long for a company to pass the night as insomnia leaves me not in peace before dawn where a max. of three hours are left to get up for work…then I’ve found too many things sharing my fate though never thought of a street-light; lovely piece..

    Peace & Light


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