“Fallen Object”

fallen object

knowing after all this time
never to hold
a treasure of mine
no longer appreciate
a halt on it`s luster
lost all its shine

As I take this broom
I sweep it into container
microscopic remainders
remind me of what it was
what it use to be

every time
I feel I should dispose
I tend to want to hoard
keep it close
it wouldn`t be right
would it?
To discard

The broken elements of my soul…

© Da Absentee 2012


Sometimes I wonder what my life could have been. What it should have been? What choices were wrong? What choices were right? Some memories haunt me and I never really get an answer. This is when I examine myself and ask these questions…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

5 responses to ““Fallen Object”

  1. I am like you in that respect – haunted by memories. And as I’ve grown older, I suspect all of my major life-choices were wrong….


    • I think thats exactly where I dont want to be. I try not to have or focus on regret. not to have theses questions but here they are beating me over the head


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