“Behind Your Eyes”

someday i’ll realise
whats behind those eyes
I’m hearing but not listening
the waves are deafening 
the torment of the banshee keeps me separating 
I am thinly skating 
crazed to adhere
I can only picture me
somewhere else but here

when you speak
I can’t comprehend what I hear
I try to look into your heart
all I see is heat
all I see is hurt
all I see is pain
a dark portal
blank parchment
I see blood run behind those eyes
after the attack of me
you would have me feel as you feel
tie me up and batter my heels
empathy and desperation shared
fuck with my head
drive me to the brink of insane
wanting me to yell your name
pleading for forgiveness
expose my heart from my breast
vegetable fry me to death

played one to many games
snared one to many jeers
you wanted to be feared
that way a guard would always be up
behind those eyes
you hate my guts
I see bruises, open cuts a slither and grimace of…
” I’ve had enough “

I take your silent shivering
as restraint from acting out your emotions
the pacing and cussing below your breath
an act of coping with the stress
I have taken everything from behind those eyes…

Even I look around and asks whats left?…

© Da Absentee 2012


All relationships have their ups and downs. Knowing that you cause someone you love pain is always upsetting (on purpose or not). Dealing with emotions and temperaments is to say the least “not an easy task”. Admitting or knowing your wrong sometimes helps with the healing process, but it doesn’t make it any better.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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