Travel by
travel pass
travel fast
spewing fumes, oil and gas
tons of metal
plastic and glass
each one sharing
but individually
on its own path
I should be glad
one less notion to bother me
taking one
the choice of one
would pick and choose opportunity
apply to life
vibrant chrome, different colors and shapes
to dream
adore, ride
praise on
somewhere else
I should be
travels could take me
I can hear the roar of the day
the temp of the dawn
filled with cold blood
pig and cow skin
to bash upon
Self renaissance
is the only mission
I begin to fathom
so i`m up and at dem
so radiation
is the only thing
certain to change
gray matter atoms
in motion
staying in motion
but idle
robotic arm
orbit to a set circle
I’m set to boundaries
set to a certain me
using escapes to help refine…
redefine me
using the words
to illustrate the galaxy
data and info process
combine make up the
mundane of me
checks & balances
praying my present
doesn’t overcome me…
© Da Absentee 2011
Somewhere in this clutter I call my life I hope to find what I’m searching and fighting for. Locked in my head yet I’m looking for the escape of reality. I am not dreaming; I am attempting to live…
As Always…
Stay Positive!

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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