“A Rush”

You have no idea
how I experience a rush
from the scent of your touch
apparent to me
I`m not getting enough
blood and testosterone
sprinting to heighten the blush
I submerge into the entrance of your bodily soul
encountering tingling toes
face hot; throat on fire
heart fills; veins dilate
chest implode; loins burn ablaze
the devils’ own fire
you become, speak, see, and hear
the moment of explode
where your being erodes
I feel a rush 
as you try to react on the impulse
“flight or fight”
I appreciate your distortion
would participate for half the night
give a verb
make “silence” an action word
as volcanoes erupts
and magma runs
I enjoy…
grab a taste of your sun
as you thrash and wither
rock and bend
seeing the sweet agony
living sweet agony
I can`t pretend…
you having your moment
makes me want to do it…
all over again…

© Da Absentee 2011


I have always had a soft side for sharing energy.  This has always been a side of me that I really enjoyplaying with. In my writing, this side is always real.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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