“Taste Bud Observations”



Now we understand, when your in the mood
you really don’t care what you put us through
at least with a plate
you mix it up accordingly
but as a major part of your sensory
we are asking that you use us responsibly

We are expected to translate juices and secretions
misplaced foreign… tastes to the brain
but when you’re in the mood.
We don`t have the time for complaints

Dont take us from salty to sweet
you know from sweat along her neck
to the Kool-aid between her teeth
then back to sweat, then milky; placid
when you suck on her breasts
she still producing… if you didn`t get that yet
then there`s that little grit when you scrape under her breasts

We understand you like to take us while you trace down her back
across her stomach, into the calves and thighs
we thank the heavens you’re not a toes and feet kinda guy
we need a break you lick… way to much
we are not made for that type of stuff

Then you proceed
to put her snatch in your mouth
pubic hairs are all about in our mouth
trimmed are sticky, out are plush
we understand
the brain communicates your rush
excuse us
but how about not putting those in your mouth
do you know what goes down in that southern region
urine, blood, shit, cum possible yeast

Us… us; you just mistreat
when you slurp, lap, swallow, spit
we don’t care if she scrubs it
until its polished clean
it was there before

We  know you know what we mean
we are dissatisfied
with your actions in the heat of your moments
when your in the mood
for you, not for us
your getting is good…


Sometimes I laugh at the things that cross my mind…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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