“Right Place?”

As I pry & pick, peck & peek
into my being
I take a good look around
to contemplate what is here worth seeing
who or what
would want to see the true me
 I know
I am tarnished, battered and bent
disfigured…  be easily passed over
trampled on and rolled over
I am a soul that wont pass over
what have I to offer
but the sludge that I have built up on my shoulders
I am sinking…
feel like slipping into a coma

© Da Absentee 2011 


I know everyone has their moments when they feel like this… Just wanting to get away from this life. Get away from the miserable foolishness. It’s so many things that can bring us to this point. The real point is never to get to this point.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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