“Speaking In Code Pt. 2”

Situations usually arise,
where you can’t be as frank…
As you want to be;
I pick up every hint your dropping.

“Everything” your trying to tell me…
You don’t have to explain.

You got one liners that make me know your desires…
Those key words that send memories flooding to the brain, sexual smoke signals on that physical plain.

The looks in your eyes…
How your body works and ticks.
How you slow your speech and the sultry way you show & pucker your upper lip.
I know what you saying before you open your lips…

Come on…
By now i`m fluent at translating your quips, actions and even lisp.
When  your excited, needing or feeling down right devilish…

I got you …

Ready and willing to quench, any internal fires, carnal intentions…
Put out and execute the order to “cease and desist”.

Nowadays your more playful with it.
I can tell, you can’t even help it.
When you hold my hand or tickle my palm;
pat my thighs, hug, release and hold my sides.

Pull me close to feel your heat.
Help me take a bath or rub my feet.
Pose in front of me; but act like your ignoring me…
Telling me lets talk; but your rubbing on me…

Putting your hands in my clothes, talking bout you checking in on me.
Smelling me then smirking and laughing.
Smiling and asking…  “Anything happening?…”

I get it… I get it… small coincidence.

Staring at me in the mirror or a glance at me across the table.
Speak soft or just blow in my ear…

I comprehend every message… loud and clear…

© Da Absentee 2010


As Always…

Stay Positive!

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