“Thoughts – 15”

always in darkness for a while
even the most resilient
sometimes find it hard to smile
not staying in touch
does not mean
I don’t love you as much
I will sacrifice
to be there
frozen under 3 inches of ice
passed on to the afterlife
I would be back just to make it right
for what you’re going through
battle demons to support you
I know im not always there for you
but when i`m there
i`ll always come through

© Da Absentee 2011


I figure I have my moments of clarity. I would like to think that this was a great passage of time. Even tho this write came about because of not being able to put magnificent words together; in a moment of what I would call my writer’s block. This is what comes out of it .

It’s so many people we have that come into our lives that we would want to do the best by them. This is dedicated to the people in my life that make me want to perform at my best at all times so that I will never let them down. I know as a father, brother, son, family member and best friend, I have people counting on me and that if I so happened not to be around one day I would be missed…

As Always…

Stay Positive!


“Some Change”

Agree to disagree
don`t disagree
proper suggestion
change in any progression
changing world
smile about change
spread happiness
even when it seems strange
accept some change
think for a while
some change
after time
comes with a smile…

© Da Absentee 2011


a :to make different in some particular

b :to make radically different

c : to give a different position, course, or direction to

d :to replace with another

e :to make a shift from one to another 

f : to undergo a modification of

These are a few definitions of change. I believe even tho some changes in life are never pleasant . They should be accepted with a open heart and mind; yes and also with a smile. It should be the point where you realize everything has a season and you should take this/that moment to help progress your growth in/as yourself.
As Always…
Stay Positive!