“One Look At Things”

Envision subtleties
little differences 
I own only my zone of comfort
own my solitude
surrounded by average reason
average region
collision appealing
conflict about hitting the ceiling
time and life reeling
it must be a movie
fiction and make-believe
real life cant be so condemning
the race we run
to which we are dying
even less gratifying
gravity is a hinderance
souls pass with deliverance
we pray the young do better
we write letters
share thoughts
we live for us
but lost our hearts
there is no more smiles
no more thanks
no more “how do you do”
we have become
gotten rude
everything seems to want to tell us
what to do
how to live 
how to give
how to respond
“we” are  eventually what`s wrong 
we live for the future
but we need the past to stand on
roots are gone
we don`t acknowledge
don`t accept
losing self-respect
tossing it away
for whats next
we are flimsy in comparison
to previous generations
someone will tell me I am mistaken
but these are my thoughts
so I am and will not be easily…

© Da Absentee 2012


As  we get older we tend to think of things in certain ways.  What they once were, what they are, and what they could be. This is a nod to getting older and comparing the differences in the modern world as we know it. As parents wanting more for our kids. Seeing that activities that were an everyday occurrence have now been deemed “recreation”. To me it seems to carry a negative connotation.  Knowing that we as people have become a weaker species than our elders before us. Morals and decency are a luxury. Common courtesy is a thing of the past. The word “privacy” is followed by question marks..??? Last but not least the way “someone or something or some entity” seems to want to stuff their belief, ideals and thoughts down our throats, like we cant figure out anything for ourselves. I don’t want or need any hand-holding. Everyone before us had their own learning experiences. These things are a part of life. We should have the right to enjoy or hate them and grow from and through them…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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