“Thoughts – 16”

We started way too deep, way too quick.
Totally explosive.
I used you as meds speedily increased my dosage.
Since you were willing I was unscrupulous.

Can you forgive me ???

Even tho I know I could, it doesn`t mean that I should…

I was wrong…

Something internally, is undoubtedly, wrong…

with me. Is this me ?
I`m confused with my own nature…
My own behaviour
I`ve crossed the line marked caution
Heading right into labeled danger.

“Hi, stranger”…

We don’t speak, We do speak
grab the silent bite to eat 
but in writing.
exchange the quiet, private exchange
You can`t hear my stuttered speech.
what we have right now…

Pick my brain.
I lay my words…

when you cross my mind
You see this;
it will either strengthen or extinguish…

It does not matter…

if by chance this stays the same…  
or we stop,
I know I wouldn`t be the same.

They say making love is also accomplished in the brain,

there in… is where the problem begins.  
When it comes down to it.
You have your hand in a piece of me
Where my icons live, pieces of my soul
I readily give.
I think I’m drunk,
I have been broken by the train of words alone
 innocence of imagination, has steered me wrong
you have taken me under your arms
help build foundation…
something to stand on
a person of relevance
I would hate to see… pass on…
© Da Absentee 2011
Sometimes people come into your life that make such an unexpected impact. It would be disastrous if they were ever not be around anymore.
As Always…
Stay Positive!

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