“Our Common State”


walk through a garden
soil, un-tilled, dry and coarse
leaves wilted and hardened
rocks aside and water given
problem with progression
moving and giving some things not worth repeating

valley low to mountain high
flags raised, alarms sound
obtain tactics to scare
whats wrong
from sky to sand we walk on

life source depleting
under privileged not eating
wives and kids abused… beaten
no mercy given

society has no reason to hire me
oppression tires me
minds chopped and screwed

myself …
thankful for being so blessed
putting my life’s soul to the test
I don’t have everything
but im up again going for the rest
we deserve what we work for and get

young become parents
so there is faulty foundation
tell me
dimensions for the next generation
what are they rendered and grown out from
abortions, high murder rate,
economic downfall, high interest rates
not to mention all this hate
this is the worst … developing some of the hardest things to break

looking for love
so it can vibrate,
we meditate
trying to elevate
issues we must solve, resolve and dissolve
if we are ever to reach our proper place

© Da Absentee 2012


Just thinking of the world we live in and how or what can I do to help change it. Change it for the better. After all we call it “home” we should attempt to clean and fix it up.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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