“Life Coach”

They have gathered
they have fallen
I see history; present and future
laid out in front of me
a glow in the background
not looking at it
rather it’s  looking at me
I slow myself
so that I realize
this is what my life is to be
a provider, protector, preacher
healer, caregiver, advisor
historian, teacher
and sculptor
they come crying
so I give them a shoulder
offer wisdom and insight
cultivate effective hindsight
help and make them see right
I know where they come from
I can guide them to where they are going
to where they belong
without knowing
they learn from my example
they will take and remix,
everything they were taught
take and use it like samples
before I can see it
they will be carving a path all on their own
I will remain here steady
as they fly high
run the lines or dig in low
they look to me to teach what they do not know
i`m proud, I am amazed
they look up to me with so much praise
they are the reason I sleep for days
toil at nights
lose sleep and start fights
today they are the reason I write
I hold a person in my hands
I have taken up the mantle of man
to be a way to protect the future
leave my marks in the sand
I couldn’t even dream of being that man
the one who left it all behind
to be selfish, to be scared
they are life that can give you life
staring as they sleep
the day is wrapped up, the day is complete
still like an autumns fallen leaf
its been a long day; they have fallen lifeless and dead
its time they were off to bed…

© Da Absentee 2012


I have kids … So as I see them all knocked and sprawled out in front of a tv that’s watching them sleep, this one came to mind. I know there are a lot of parents that feel the same way I do. The sad thing is there are some who feel the exact opposite of what I do. So this is dedicated to the parents who have owned and lived up to there responsibilities. No matter how good or how bad they may be…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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