“Part, Spiritual”

From hence and moments after
Goal… Capture…
Quintessence; no matter where it may lead,
Or go

We love each others soul
parts we know… parts we understand;
test of time?
Hardest to obtain, difficulty in explaining.

Out of body – transfigured – heavenly plain

After all defenses are down
all walls broken,

heart and mind…
Equally open…

Time; Trust; Reverence and Comprehending.

That part of me, factually all of me…
Infallible, absolute, uncontaminated; unexaggerated…

Is what I give to you,
this would show how much I love you.

How extensive I want our love to be
this is the part where i`ve given…
and you have…

all of me…

© Da Absentee 2011



The second installment of a 3 part series . Rooted in the “Fabrics Of Me” theme. It is a reflection of how I think we love people we are romantically involved with. Spiritual, Mental, Physical. My basic interpretations.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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