“Thoughts – 17”


Could this be failure ?

to know everyday they exist below potential
found oceans of untruth on fumes…
able to ignite at any second

far from fragile
set to a course
almost beyond repair
looking down the path
its dark and appears to go nowhere
still its the path…

where to walk
lined with one to many forks, all types of decisions
wrong ones at the time seemed right
hidden in days
so they had to walk at night
better but bitter, stressing but calm
needing more than a shoulder to lean upon
seeking a river to travel by…

life is up then easy down
soft soil or rock, loose gravel…
the part of them that adds up to make them man
make whole…
express their sides take, support, encourage

no matter how their stride
remain at their side
help them cultivate from inside…

this is the person they are
the person we have known
it’s a personal change…

that they can not accomplish
on their own…

© Da Absentee 2011


Dedicated to loved ones who need help to change. No matter what we love them for who they are . Good or Bad…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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