Scribbles – 19

Even tho your standing still;
The Earth still spins…


“Ready For Instruction”


Secluded and nonchalant
coming together
knowing we what we want
be my guide to your bodies tundra
show me where and how to touch down under
expedition to your spot by the numbers

Educate me on how to lick by example
illustrate how to break down walls
free from inhibitions

Tell me how to swallow your bitter sweet
I`m face in… but that doesnt mean you cant reach
not afraid to see how you touch yourself
making your heart skip beats
influencing your heart to melt
how does your love permeate and be felt
lost in a whirlwind of no one else

I am interested in how your doing
how your petals fall
how I can sift through it all
student enthralled

hung on how you teach
speak your language
fluent… speech… teachers pet
fluid… yet hot baked
cinnamon swirl… salty, pretzel bend
apple for retention
readily revive a connection
how to collapse your essence
section by section…

© Da Absentee 2012


I usually dont say much after an Erotic piece. I do think we should learn to please our partners. After all what is the sense of letting someone get so close if it wasn’t worth it….

As Always…

Stay Positive !

“Traveling To The Other Side”


I see a tomb, a ditch
(a black hole)
a road with a crater in it
I have been here awhile
(for some time now)
standing at the edge of it
captivated, bewildered, astonished
(you wouldn’t believe what I have used to try to fill this shit)
I can see the other side
(the goal is to get to it)
pain, forgiveness, love, hate, questions, answers, family, loneliness…
Whatever it takes
(God, devil, clothes, nakedness… money,poverty,school, life friends, time and experience…)
life is what it takes to fill it
(Dont forget life is what you make it)
I think its safe now
jump in climb out of it. 
can’t even think of not braving it
put way to much time and effort into it
come this far and not put my all to it.
(I know… We not having it)
before I go on a whim to accomplish it
I love you…
And always remember…
Some things in life are worth dying for it!
(some things in life are worth dying for it?)

© Da Absentee 2013


The work really says all that i would have wanted to say in my notes…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

NaPoWriMo: Day 13 Prompt

I’m ready…
The day is done
Or is it the night?…
Its cold out there
And the sun wont be bright
Snows coming down
Wind blowing right
Just means the cold is going to bite
Punch these numbers to the clock
Everything buttoned
Everything tight
I’m off
Starting my day by ending my night
Lets make this as speedily as possible
Feet sinking into the powder
Step by quick step
these moccasins are going to get wet
slush, slide,
down the street
through the hotel parking lot
down the back then up the bridge
down the bridge
I can feel the jacket getting heavy with the spring snow
white turns to brown
as traffic slides by slow
some splash and miss me
I’m walking on
tam down low
headphones on
I’ve reached my destination
waiting for this bus to get on

© Da Absentee 2013


Trying my hand at the prompt from April 13th for National Poetry Writing Month. Taking a walk and using the observations to inspire. If Anyone would like to find out more about NaPoWriMo please feel free to visit the website.>>> 

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Not Having Enough”

Broken Glass
 see how and why the world falls apart ?
all I know, is that I have my “know”
I have my heart, my mind, my spirit
how else am I supposed to get through this life, this instant.
I don’t know what to call what you have
but its all you have
you have twisted it, made it your vice
I acknowledge
you’ve made yourself unable to sleep at night
you can’t and wont let go
because it’s all you have in life
I don’t know how to help you get it right
even if I tell you there is a problem
you say im wrong
if you tell me the problem
and I dare to agree?..
im still wrong
this can’t go on
© Da Absentee 2012
I am not different or special when it comes to having downtimes or upsets in life. When we make the commitment to share this life with another person we sometimes have fights. We  have confrontations. This is a representation of what one of those unpleasant but real conversations anyone in long relationships will have. When one disagrees with the other or you find yourself in a cycle that’s needs to be broken. Well I have been there. I have written about it.  I’m moving on…
As Always…
Stay Positive! 



nothing worth gloating
but positive reaction
steadily nagging
holding you firm
but dragging
yet comforting
waiting for release
constant commence & cease
all im hoping for is peace

© Da Absentee 2011


This is how I feel sometimes when I am trying to get those thoughts down on paper or on the screen. This is the only thing I could have focused on at the time. The distraction. So I wrote about it. Ever find yourself in this space? I can laugh at it now but when I am there its annoying… Anyway on to the next…

As Always…

Stay Positive!