“Traveling To The Other Side”


I see a tomb, a ditch
(a black hole)
a road with a crater in it
I have been here awhile
(for some time now)
standing at the edge of it
captivated, bewildered, astonished
(you wouldn’t believe what I have used to try to fill this shit)
I can see the other side
(the goal is to get to it)
pain, forgiveness, love, hate, questions, answers, family, loneliness…
Whatever it takes
(God, devil, clothes, nakedness… money,poverty,school, life friends, time and experience…)
life is what it takes to fill it
(Dont forget life is what you make it)
I think its safe now
jump in climb out of it. 
can’t even think of not braving it
put way to much time and effort into it
come this far and not put my all to it.
(I know… We not having it)
before I go on a whim to accomplish it
I love you…
And always remember…
Some things in life are worth dying for it!
(some things in life are worth dying for it?)

© Da Absentee 2013


The work really says all that i would have wanted to say in my notes…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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