“Ready For Instruction”


Secluded and nonchalant
coming together
knowing we what we want
be my guide to your bodies tundra
show me where and how to touch down under
expedition to your spot by the numbers

Educate me on how to lick by example
illustrate how to break down walls
free from inhibitions

Tell me how to swallow your bitter sweet
I`m face in… but that doesnt mean you cant reach
not afraid to see how you touch yourself
making your heart skip beats
influencing your heart to melt
how does your love permeate and be felt
lost in a whirlwind of no one else

I am interested in how your doing
how your petals fall
how I can sift through it all
student enthralled

hung on how you teach
speak your language
fluent… speech… teachers pet
fluid… yet hot baked
cinnamon swirl… salty, pretzel bend
apple for retention
readily revive a connection
how to collapse your essence
section by section…

© Da Absentee 2012


I usually dont say much after an Erotic piece. I do think we should learn to please our partners. After all what is the sense of letting someone get so close if it wasn’t worth it….

As Always…

Stay Positive !

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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