“Thoughts – 19”


I hate to hear them cry
how far we`ve come
how hard we`ve tried
can’t do for self
really ?
you need someone else
to tell you how your suppose to feel inside
many abuse the system
plus abused by the system
have a voice and wont use it
have life and refuse it
refuse to live
refuse to do their part
I don’t appreciate the lack of heart
picture not having
and still knowing worse
privilege is a blessing
but also curse
someone always takes your view
and applies it in reverse

© Da Absentee 2012


Going through a phase of not knowing what to write but wanting to write. Theses thoughts came out. It’s about those people in this world who seem to always have a problem that they themselves never know how to fix but everyone else should fix it for them.

As Always…

Stay Positive!


Starting collections for a rite of passage,
drawn in heavy laden carriage
my mind slips…

I don’t collect
I hoard
I purge
I diverge
I process
I repeat
I feel heat, ecstasy and pleasure
only pure

I take the ride
only for I to endure
pressure unsure
I pause
I caress the floor
who is this
the foreplay, the during, the after…
the exchange

I can’t…
don’t want to leave
I want to wallow in the moment
replay, play, rewind
do it again
do you again…
become lover friend
dream knight
savor pleasures
pursue until the end

undo and break bed…
break walls
rise and fall

pick you up;
combine them all
so I can taste and feel the sugarwall

call it just what it is
human bondage and fabric
I need candy in my moment
even tho I think I have enough in my mouth

I press and melt into
your skin…
to get it off…

© Da Absentee 2011


As Always…

Stay Positive!

“A Truth”

I am blessed
he shows me this in so many ways
when im down and out
he gives me – lends me…
in so many ways
it’s when I don’t think of him
that’s when he surprises me
so in turn it reminds me

I am blessed
he can turn the worries into elation
he loves with those unexpected gifts
which reminds me to be unselfish
to give….
not to be heavily concerned with returns

I am blessed
so its to be more like him…
Deep rooted, constant, fearless
it’s for these things I yearn

© Da Absentee 2012


There are times in your life when you realize that this world is so much bigger than you and what you come in contact with. The statements made in this poem are true. That is all..

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Before I Open My Eyes”


I’m in an escape, which I needed
Pain has left for a time
Hurt passed for a while
Things I don’t want; can wait
Everything in silence just for now…
Peace is mine.

Peace is my focus…
While metered breathing ushers me
Down the path of spirituality
I visualize the wanted me
As if she is a dream…Unreal…
She helps me reach within the shell of collected discards

Strength is my next transition
Black and white.
I have somewhere to be
Someplace to reach
I will not. Can not
Let the past and what is in front of me
Start to begin stopping me…
So I hold my strength
Hold my peace.

My truth within me
Hold my clarity
My sanity
I hold this moments serenity
Preparing me
For the journey ahead of me.

Before… I open my eyes.
I know I will move mountains.
I will accomplish all goals.
I will endure love given to me in triple fold
Nothing will hold me back
For so I speak; therefore I will
Before I open my eyes I ask for it to be your will.
I will…

© Dual Perspective 2013


This is actually the second writing from Dual Perspective for the 2013. This one is about focusing on what you want then going to get it. Speaking your own future and blessings. As we go about this life we have to be able to fulfill our purpose. Dedicated to making your own dreams come through with God’s hand and will always present.

“Dual Perspective” is a collaborative work between me and a close friend & writer E. Lyric Johnson. I have posted more of our work together if anyone wanted to read more. go ahead and click on my Dual Perspective “Category” link>>>https://daabsentee.wordpress.com/category/dual-perspective/

As Always…

Stay Positive! 



I just wanted to tell all of my faithful followers.
Thank You!!!!
for taking the time to visit and share my work with your own circles. I have said before when I first started this blog that it had a completely different direction. Now I have fashioned it to my liking and couldn’t see it any other way.

So I am going to share something behind the scenes about my blog. I post my posts on a schedule of 3 and 5 days. It depends on the post before to say how many days after it the new one will be posted. So even tho my posts are scattered they have an order to them.

I never really understand over-posting and over-tagging. I know the point is to reach as far as possible but This is not FB or twitter or IG. Anyway if your always posting on your blog how can you be out there enjoying this thing we call life or the world around us. Even if you’re posting about it.

Ok so this post is to acknowledge that I have reached over 100 posts; and I am simply saying THANKS for following.

As Always…

Stay Positive!




I can’t begin to chronicle what has been taken away…

…the events that has led me to this…

I’ve walked away before but here I am,

only once more,

praying you indulge me like before.

It’s just so strong…

this force, your presence, these feelings

that guide me to you… even turn…

I find my way to you.

So foolish to want that which I can’t have…

but oh so tempting and juicy…

that fruit of forbidden flavors…

that nectar; I have in my hands

and can’t attempt to savor…

to partake… a burden I care not to bare…

Oh How My Heart Breaks!

Couldn’t I just take you?

…of course… I can…

It’s just time and planning… isn’t it


I think it would be easy…..

It would be….e…a…s..y…

to lay down and die for pleasure’s gain,

cry blood for heaven again,

give love despite my hearts pain…

But it was me who placed my form in tortures midst..

it’s me that took what I wanted…

Now it’s me that’s going to stand firm against it

Or stand firm until my human nature consumes me…

placing myself in the midst of this fury of feelings I have

Yes…these feelings I have…

I know their pure of heart… but their still bad…

Can I be forgiven for where they have gone?

Can I ?

I’ve already pressed the fruit across my lips,

hoping to bite

it smells so sweet…

and my strength,… my will is eluding me.


It can’t and shouldn’t be…

the lust for it is getting the best of me…

It’s folding around and holding all of me,

where’s divine intervention, when I need it in front of me?

Just brush it against my teeth,

just one press and I’ll be in heaven.

on a moments high…

I’d like to retreat…

but I’ve gone past the point of reason…

trying to hold on to sanity….

I’m living and seeing it; and still can’t explain it…

I want it, even tho you forbade it…

I’m Going To Have IT!!

Even if I have to… detain it!

…teeth sunken in,

nectar rolls on my tongue,

heart fulfilled,

I’m so high…

consequence eludes this moment

I’m just living for this……….

………YOU and I

© Dual Perspective 2011


I havent added any of these pieces to the site in a long time and well it was something on twitter that got me thinking of this one.  So I decided to share. For those of you who are new Dual Perspective is a joint venture where my partner and I split the creative process right down the middle of every poem. Each piece is written in a “perspective”. Examples would be  male and female, pros and cons, one person, love or lust. Personally I am very fond of the ones where it appears only one person has written it. Well all the work follows the same tone and its a good size of work we have together. So I hope you guys enjoy. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

“Forbidden” is about wanting or lusting after someone or something you cannot or should not have. The struggle knowing what is right and what is wrong and how you choose to act upon those feelings.

If anyone is interested in checking out the other poems already posted from Dual Perspective I am adding the link to the “category” to this post here>>> https://daabsentee.wordpress.com/category/dual-perspective/

As Always…

Stay Positive!