“Before I Open My Eyes”


I’m in an escape, which I needed
Pain has left for a time
Hurt passed for a while
Things I don’t want; can wait
Everything in silence just for now…
Peace is mine.

Peace is my focus…
While metered breathing ushers me
Down the path of spirituality
I visualize the wanted me
As if she is a dream…Unreal…
She helps me reach within the shell of collected discards

Strength is my next transition
Black and white.
I have somewhere to be
Someplace to reach
I will not. Can not
Let the past and what is in front of me
Start to begin stopping me…
So I hold my strength
Hold my peace.

My truth within me
Hold my clarity
My sanity
I hold this moments serenity
Preparing me
For the journey ahead of me.

Before… I open my eyes.
I know I will move mountains.
I will accomplish all goals.
I will endure love given to me in triple fold
Nothing will hold me back
For so I speak; therefore I will
Before I open my eyes I ask for it to be your will.
I will…

© Dual Perspective 2013


This is actually the second writing from Dual Perspective for the 2013. This one is about focusing on what you want then going to get it. Speaking your own future and blessings. As we go about this life we have to be able to fulfill our purpose. Dedicated to making your own dreams come through with God’s hand and will always present.

“Dual Perspective” is a collaborative work between me and a close friend & writer E. Lyric Johnson. I have posted more of our work together if anyone wanted to read more. go ahead and click on my Dual Perspective “Category” link>>>https://daabsentee.wordpress.com/category/dual-perspective/

As Always…

Stay Positive! 

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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