“For Play, Foreplay, Our Play – 3″

quiet ..
focused on task at hand
apparently me in control
wont suffice
have and got
the rest of the night

tender touches
arms and legs
gliding through the air
bed sheets
dresser and chairs

anytime anywhere
heat and energy
bond to fluency

pressure treasures

our play
attempt to make it
© Da Absentee 2011


As Always…
Stay Positive!

“For Play, Foreplay, Our Play – 2”

now I demand your kiss
I demand you on this
I’m ready
are you ready for this
I see you brought extra belongings
and an overnight bag
you never disclosed tricks you may have…
up your sleeves

added with
particulars to accentuate
under those clothes
lo and behold
traveling down this physical road

the push and prod
pinch, teeth sink
tongue lap
only movements.
don’t think
cheek, ear,neck
steal a kiss…
take a breath
neck, chest, breasts
hold, squiggle, drag
suck, drag, cup, tuck
you arch…
I grab…
hold, wait
no option
down I go
pubic hair for flossing
me first
you second
no third
ready, set, go
cunnilingus for fellatio
every time we go
heat lava flow
no distant instance
just deliberate

toy play
I forgot the jelly
I forgot to tell me
its understood
to date
I’m the best personal vibrate
2 fingers
and the perfect wrist
I know how to
and find Clit
expect release
before 4 play done
© Da Absentee 2011


A continuation of the last post.
As Always…
Stay Positive!

“When…?” #Repost

I don’t know
when I fell in love with you…
it wasn`t a day
or a week

no set time or phase
I fell in love
in a season
in a summer

in a cool night breeze
in a moment
in the night we breathe
in a thought

in a book somewhere
beneath the trees
in the grass
in the dew

where we placed our hands
and displaced the heat
in a greeting or salutation
a look into your eyes

a smile on your face
and comforting you when you cried
my thoughts were gone
without a trace…

I realized
I was missing you from me
I questioned
if you complete me

soul to my mate
the mate of my soul
lost myself
forgot my goals

you gave a renaissance
to my soul
freed me
from my issue of control

I don’t know when I fell in love
with you
but it wasnt a set day or time
but when I did

I knew you were mine…

© Da Absentee 2012


To Poetry

I have always been a sucker for poems about love. It is one of the most addictive things on this earth. Hands Down…

I don’t have much to say about this post. This one just really came to me.

#Repost: 1 year ago to the day

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“For Play, Foreplay, Our Play – 1”

what we use, for play…
advances foreplay
enhances our play…

history with cosmic cyclones

we articulate from bell to smartphones
battles at home
reek love jones

don’t chill
but excite bones
as we converse
over Sauvignon
we traverse
through exotic zones

we fall into a calm…
while, while in the fade …
slow tunes hitting

I’m a new 90’s
New Mill kinda guy
I’m a
Kells – SWV – Jaheim – Trey – Tank, Dream
Xscape – En Vogue – TLC – Silkk & Shai
Ginuwine & Mint Condition
Kinda guy

I’m an Old soul
so I don’t talk about wishing
I demand action
and ask for attention
if we are going to sit down
we going have to do it
like a convention

we can talk poetry
but prefer mine
because it calculates the mood
and coexists with the wine
making our time…
timeless time
expand and freeze
fans and ac
mix candles
stagnant breeze
heavy vanilla

Intellectual passing words
describe intentions of you and me
I’m independent strong…
I’ll commandeer
while you steer
and heave
the dark inclinations
of your inner
erratic enthusiast

© Da Absentee 2011

Being wrapped up in the love of your partner can be a beautiful thing. It can induce so much emotion and memories that it could last for years…

As Always…

Stay Positive!


I need release
I feel pressure building
the walls are closing in
I can’t hold the ceiling
I’m in a dark place
with that drowning feeling
its real cramped in here
and its hard for breathing
my eyes are closed
and my thoughts are reeling
the black is cold
makes my skin for easy peeling
I cant wait to leave this place
so I can start my healing…

© Da Absentee 2011


Dark moments that call for you to stay positive and move forward. We all have these moments at sometime or another. This one is dedicated to those “knocked down” but willing to “get back up” to carry on.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Clox Da Absentee

“Speaking In Code”

Wanted you to know what I hear when you start speaking in code…
You try to be to a lady… So u wont confirm what I already know…

“What! … You did this to me…”

That’s you blaming me for making you the biggest freak you could be.

“You want some a your liquor tonight”

You want me to go deep, spank you and last all night.

“I want you to make love to me”

No hard fucking… You want me to finger you to make you cum.

You need me to play in dat pussy; like someone told me to get it done… and to finish…

you have, to have me on top looking in your eyes and hitting it slow… Until i let go.

“We need to go to a hotel”

You wanna get some good fucking in, so after we finish just a simple rub of my fingers can make you cum again…

“I wanna taste you”

Your gunna suck my dick like you making love to it.

“It don’t stay on anyway”

That’s you asking me why i buy you lingerie…

“I`m ready to do my favorite”

You want me to put it in your ass… Thats just your low-key way to ask!

“Oh God”

Your about to peak…

“Da. Da. Da…. Da”

You forgot how to speak…

“Oh Shit!”

Damn… that’s good

“Damn… That`s good”

Does really mean, Damn… That`s good.


Your about tapped out…

When you gimme that sly eye; with the puckered lip.

That’s you telling me to come and get it. That it’s all good and you been in the mood…

I`m not going to go thru the whole list… I just felt like telling you some of the favorites.

© Da Absentee 2010


Really when you get to know someone through and through. Y ou sometimes develop your own language between each other. You end up sharing in different ways…

After writing this one I had the idea to right a more general one for everyone. So here is the link for part 2. Check it out >>> https://daabsentee.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/speaking-in-code-pt-2/


As Always…

Stay Positive!


– male / female


I have been daydreaming all day…

on how I want to take your clothes off…

slowly or with aggressive force

Anticipation grows into excitement,

over the thoughts of what I want to do to you….


What I know you’ll do to me

Teasing & hesitation just adds to the tension or the dramatic effect…

I’m trying to be critical…

so I want to take my time and interpret every step


Kiss you,

tease you,

touch you,

feel you,

caress and please you….


Bring you to your knees too

There’s nothing more I would like to do,

than return all those favors back to you…

and no doubt…

add a few…

I love to do…

all that I can to you!


I think I’ll start from the bottom,

while you start at my lips,

we’ll meet at middle ground and seal with a body kiss

I can visualize…

both down south…

me between your thighs…

spreading cheeks and trying to dive;

face and tongue…

deep inside


Licking my lips, I can already taste you,

I want to please you and oh baby…

for your pleasure there’s nothing I won’t do


Hate to watch these hours sludge by…

waiting to be lost in the depth of your eyes…

tingling for the touch of chest..

wanting to feel the breeze of your breath


My heart’s beating faster than this clock,

can’t focus, I’m starting to sweat….

I’m salivating…


But more than my mouth is wet

I’m anticipating…

feeling no regret…

when I see and feel your body melt

after wrapping your legs around like a belt…

I’m going to turn your pages until the end…


Lick my fingers…

flip… indulge and do it again

Counting the positions that please you the most,

positions that make you beg,

positions that makes you scream,

positions that makes you call out my name


I see us enjoying our pleasure pains…

To the utmost…

playing, rolling, and groaning in the sheets like ghosts…

I want you to enjoy yourself like a gracious host…


Giving you more than you’d even imagine,

go slow, go hard, speed up and make it last,


When I get in your vicinity…

you just need to take your clothes off for me…

because the anticipation of you keeps me horny…


Ready, and waiting,

frustrated with anticipation,

for that moment where there’s only time for love-making,


I’ll give me and take you…..


Baby I’m in “skin to skin” mood.


© Dual Perspective 2011



Another piece from the Dual Perspective – Lost In Our Thoughts Collection. This a private conversation between lovers. Not being able to wait until they are together again. This really flows well as a performance. The male opens and the female closes. I hope you enjoy…

As Always…

Stay Positive!