“Speaking In Code”

Wanted you to know what I hear when you start speaking in code…
You try to be to a lady… So u wont confirm what I already know…

“What! … You did this to me…”

That’s you blaming me for making you the biggest freak you could be.

“You want some a your liquor tonight”

You want me to go deep, spank you and last all night.

“I want you to make love to me”

No hard fucking… You want me to finger you to make you cum.

You need me to play in dat pussy; like someone told me to get it done… and to finish…

you have, to have me on top looking in your eyes and hitting it slow… Until i let go.

“We need to go to a hotel”

You wanna get some good fucking in, so after we finish just a simple rub of my fingers can make you cum again…

“I wanna taste you”

Your gunna suck my dick like you making love to it.

“It don’t stay on anyway”

That’s you asking me why i buy you lingerie…

“I`m ready to do my favorite”

You want me to put it in your ass… Thats just your low-key way to ask!

“Oh God”

Your about to peak…

“Da. Da. Da…. Da”

You forgot how to speak…

“Oh Shit!”

Damn… that’s good

“Damn… That`s good”

Does really mean, Damn… That`s good.


Your about tapped out…

When you gimme that sly eye; with the puckered lip.

That’s you telling me to come and get it. That it’s all good and you been in the mood…

I`m not going to go thru the whole list… I just felt like telling you some of the favorites.

© Da Absentee 2010


Really when you get to know someone through and through. Y ou sometimes develop your own language between each other. You end up sharing in different ways…

After writing this one I had the idea to right a more general one for everyone. So here is the link for part 2. Check it out >>> https://daabsentee.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/speaking-in-code-pt-2/


As Always…

Stay Positive!

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