“For Play, Foreplay, Our Play – 2”

now I demand your kiss
I demand you on this
I’m ready
are you ready for this
I see you brought extra belongings
and an overnight bag
you never disclosed tricks you may have…
up your sleeves

added with
particulars to accentuate
under those clothes
lo and behold
traveling down this physical road

the push and prod
pinch, teeth sink
tongue lap
only movements.
don’t think
cheek, ear,neck
steal a kiss…
take a breath
neck, chest, breasts
hold, squiggle, drag
suck, drag, cup, tuck
you arch…
I grab…
hold, wait
no option
down I go
pubic hair for flossing
me first
you second
no third
ready, set, go
cunnilingus for fellatio
every time we go
heat lava flow
no distant instance
just deliberate

toy play
I forgot the jelly
I forgot to tell me
its understood
to date
I’m the best personal vibrate
2 fingers
and the perfect wrist
I know how to
and find Clit
expect release
before 4 play done
© Da Absentee 2011


A continuation of the last post.
As Always…
Stay Positive!

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