“Thoughts – 20”


In dark corners
someone abandoned the child
with pain hidden
street cold eyes
getting older
staying high
red shot
but not done crying
lonesome nights
unwanted homes
money, chrome
loving husband
beautiful home
held by pincers
held by crabs
telling  you
you can’t win
weigh down like slabs
knifes ready
so they back stab
laying in the shadow of street-lights
hiding from night lights

i`m praying you change
make differences
to your life…

© Da Absentee 2012


When all the hurt in your life has come to a head, you feel like your back is against a wall, enemies, situation, and life is doing nothing but holding you down you have no more tears to be shed… This is when I hope you tell yourself… Get up. There are changes to be made. I’m going to stay positive, adapt, and move forward…

As Always…

Stay Positive!


“After Forgiveness”


I`m confused
misplaced the love
wrapped up in you
how can it be used
for everything going right
everything can go wrong
possibly summed up
in a sappy, silly love song 
by everyday existence
by trouble or a dollar
know you hurt
I see you cry
even tho no tears are shed
 I see it in your eyes
your scared ; no fear
catch a flat
become your spare
those wheels to turn
to get you out of there.
get you somewhere
a tad more vibrant
a drop more bold
where our union
can focus and hold
become an affirmation
for others to see
of real and perfect fantasy

© Da Absentee 2011


The cycle of life, or is it more of relationships? Fighting and disagreeing everything going wrong. This is a moment of introspection. Where we hope for the best.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“In A Small Space”


Plenty or a lot,
some or a little left to go
I don’t really know
seems like someone always has somewhere important to go
its times like this
tight recycled air
germs percolate from who knows where
in crowded spaces
unknown faces to distant places
like vultures circle ready to feed
If they succeed at the task ahead
resting bed
pillow, sheets and seats for weary heads
let’s get this day going
so we can bring it to its end
do it right the first time
so we don’t have to do again
i`m already far from home
so I don’t need to pretend
just use this silence to pick up my pen
traffic moves fast-slow
wind blows as I sit
inspiration flows
all waiting for transportation I suppose
who knows why the auto goes
17 in taught circulation
all with hesitation
waiting to arrive at destinations
I have no idea why we are waiting
watching everything go by the window
thinking of what all it could be
after all the time spent
we look for the right pursuit
the right suit, the right shoes
the don’t
the do`s
even the who`s
repentance and purges
subsiding the uncontrollable urges
humanitarian and national service
I don’t see the difference
nor instance
detailing on edge and hanging from railings
knowing i`m living with
fear of failing 

© Da Absentee 2012


This was written while  in a greyhound bus waiting for new passengers from transfers. These are just thoughts of how or why in this moment  we 17 people ended up together, in this small space…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Is It Destined For…”

just as distant…
as old textbooks and encyclopedias on the shelves
asking… what else?
just to describe myself
finding out inside
is somewhere else…
it’s not the same on the outside…
here with me
I tell myself things
I truly don’t want to hear
don’t want to believe
after broken hearts
anger sparks
hot heads in cold beds
staring at the ceiling
trying to compromise
use these dealings
expressing flaws
drop jaws
wild-eyed and in awe
can this become what it was before?…
is it destined for
an edge; a cliff;
or  fall…
© Da Absentee 2012
This site really is personal; for me anyway. I am no relationship guru. I experience things and then write about it. This is a reflection of one of those down points in a relationship when you question if it is really worth all the headache that it truly causes.
As Always…
Stay Positive!

“One Definition”

Love strong
last forever
bring it on
infinity… carry on
center of attraction
just born
so I call you song
legend lives on
I want to lay my head on
hear your voice 
waves in my world
find their calm
so nothing can be harmed
individuals mesmerized by your ways and charm
you’re the queen
every bee wants to swarm…
© Da Absentee 2012
For all the beautiful creatures that God placed on this earth to accompany Man… This is “One Definition”. My definition.
As Always…
Stay Positive!


Deep down stored erupting energy; where I could find a new me.

Support with elasticity; where I can carry me.

Strength unseen; where I can astound me.

If I can use this part of me…

I can find my new me…

© Da Absentee 2013


Hara (Japanese: stomach) is a Japanese martial arts term. Also used in Traditional Chinese medicine, for the “center of being”. In many martial arts, extension from this centre has become a common concept. There are several breathing exercises in traditional Japanese martial arts where attention is always kept on hara.


As Always…

Stay Positive!

“When We”


Breathe in, moan out, let’s kiss beyond mouths

Mingle with dreams, walk with stars, and air each others body out.

I love the way you clit chat, and the way I indulge you back,

Juice mix… thick cream, cloudy liquid, sweat and spit… You know its addictive when we mix it up like this!

Hmmmm baby… let’s get deeper into it….let your tongue make love to mine…

Lets toss them up… Flip; twist; suck and try to pin them down…
I want to get deep in “like”, taste your mind, you in mine…

Our skins sweat desires, raging, lusting, pushing, thrusting …
We’re on a high beyond this space of time,

When I’m in you, I’m froze in time.
Watching your reactions…
watching your body shake, watching the face you make.
Lifting your legs, trying to dig deeper in place

You nibble right there…
squeeze me right there, touch me over here…
Biting lips, pulling hair….
containment breaks way to my screams on the air

I like those sounds…  They get deep in my soul, speeding me up to “lose control”, any which way…  
On our knees, under me, even you on top of me.  

Whatever the mood dictates,  Whatever your body language says, whatever we do is fair game……
Obedient to this… I’m loving the sound of your name

“Yea baby” is my only reply…  
I’m trying to stay in tune…
with the beat of the room…  
I want to hold you closer in this dance…
I can feel the end coming soon.

Kiss me deep, thrust in me…
pull me close, doing all that we wish…  
Our forever’s fading….  
This that good shit…  
let’s go for once more after this.

As I grab…
As I kiss…
As I try to feel all of it…  
as we do all of this…
I’m whispering in your ear…  
“I love this ; I love this”…  

No… Me;  
just us and what we do, seems like eternal in a timed space,
I’m loving the magic  
breathing in your face  

As I feel the heat from your lungs….  
I close my eyes…
I feel that last growth inside.  
I’m trembling inside,  
I rest my head on your chest…  
my heart opens wide…  

I love it when we…  

feel like we died…

© Dual Perspective 2011


Another installment from the DP project . One of my personal favorites. As a man I guess sex is always on my mind. I just know I love the idea of 2 being 1 and in the rare moments of love-making there is nothing else but making that love come to a climax…

As Always…

Stay Positive!