“Thoughts – 20”


In dark corners
someone abandoned the child
with pain hidden
street cold eyes
getting older
staying high
red shot
but not done crying
lonesome nights
unwanted homes
money, chrome
loving husband
beautiful home
held by pincers
held by crabs
telling  you
you can’t win
weigh down like slabs
knifes ready
so they back stab
laying in the shadow of street-lights
hiding from night lights

i`m praying you change
make differences
to your life…

© Da Absentee 2012


When all the hurt in your life has come to a head, you feel like your back is against a wall, enemies, situation, and life is doing nothing but holding you down you have no more tears to be shed… This is when I hope you tell yourself… Get up. There are changes to be made. I’m going to stay positive, adapt, and move forward…

As Always…

Stay Positive!


Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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