“My Mother – 1”



I survey the scene

one like this doesn’t take hours to make

this is dedication and planning

a labor of love that’s too demanding

too fierce

too free

she needs some restriction

because this is crazy…

I told her that she needs to downsize

she just laughed at me

christmas all year

and you’re not a christmas store

the floor like this

this is a hoard

a stash

decorations and bows

wreaths and garlands

curtains and china…

talk about service

she could cater the democrat

and republican conventions

all on the same night

the collection of silverware and plates


this can’t be sane

half the time

I never plan on staying for more than 4 nights

its move this

pack this

place this here

did you run the errands

and my tools

they around here somewhere…

she have the house so done up

its more like bound to me

boxes and chairs

mattresses and  don’t you dear forget

the christmas trees

of her own creation

her own application

and methodic fabrication

2 ten foot

2 eight foot

2 six-foot

strategically placed…

decorated and laden

to the T

don’t mess with this woman

when she is in the zone

she is a robot

a drone

if she could

you would marvel at what this almost 70-year-old

could do

on her own

the woman has no fear…

I stand and hate

but admire the clutter I see

how can I just ignore this woman

she has done so much for me

i`m glad she` s my mother

but this unbelievable

sometimes senseless hobby

has to cease…


Da Absentee © 2011


I really don’t put people in my family into writing, but sometimes it’s the only thing i can do. She has a problem that no one else wants to call her on. (talking about my siblings) I have told her it’s a waste. No one is going to continue this after she’s gone. It’s time to leave it alone.

As Always…

Stay Positive!



Lyric :

Look at this,

I’m on your wall

Kinda strung out flexing, bending

Wearing your body out

………I’m speechless

My body language

has said more than my mouth

…..conversation seems endless,

but we got much more to say,

debate, but wait

I barely know your name


Absentee :

You shouldn’t have had let it happen

any rough seas… I navigate like a captain

I’m whats happening!

You had one too many and I took “full” advantage

from now on, I know you’ll be back …

held captive

my words, my style, my swag, that’s all it took

but you knew that’s not all I had

my name… it was just a second

all you had ta do was ask

and now your all tapped out…

empty glass!!


Lyric :

Naw I played drunk

I’ve always been in control,

I knew what I wanted

When I saw the way that you strolled

Into the room,

I’ve no need for the name

But I’d like to sing its tune,

I could tell you had rhythm

just not like this,

Who could have imagined

This night would end in such a body kiss


Absentee :

Its aiight…

tryna say I was the fool

its aiight…

Ima take it in strides

cuz I’m just dat cool

body kiss, body hold, body lock…

I heard you say stop…

talking bout control

I didn’t stop…

so ya body had ta fold…

but I’ll admit it was good.

cuz u was just dat hot

and ya body was just dat “cold”


Lyric :

Realize this isn’t the start,

it was the end from we began

I lived for this moment

it’s so good, I can’t pretend

but this moment is just one

an urge or fiend overdue,

from this moment forth

I’ve no interest in seeing you

not breathe you, not feel you,

not want you, not need you,

you were that

“just gotta have”

urge, the moment my eyes held you,

we sweat, we kissed, we’ve done all so grand

we’ll now part, but to let you know

you were a great one night stand.!


© Dual Perspective 2011



This is another from my Dual Perspective – Lost In Our Thoughts undertaking. More poems will trickle in over time. I like this one for the playful banter that it had. There are actually a few poems like this flirtatious, and cocky… Loved working together with Lyric.

If any of you are interested in the DP project here is the link to the Category Page>> https://daabsentee.wordpress.com/category/dual-perspective/

I would like to thank all of you; in this space. that faithfully take the time out to come back with every post  to sit and indulge in my mind. Its appreciated and seen. 

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Yesterday” – Repost


we were thinking about;


we worry about things we said and did yesterday…
today we worry about tomorrow…

yesterday was still fun
still productive…
what about today…
which was yesterday`s tomorrow…

does it matter less.
because we live it now.
or is it that we have to live


for tomorrow

some way
as just a day

some how…

© Da Absentee 2011


I always ask myself questions that I can probably never answer, I don’t even know if anyone can answer them. Life has so many opportunities that we sometimes walk right into and sometimes walk around …

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Inspector #9”

I don’t carry a clipboard, pen or badge
self-appointed; if it’s a career one can havewhen I go in,
in-between the fence and doors
they let me in

I turn on all the lights
I do inspections during the day
but highly prefer at night

the handbook I lay faith in
always leads me to the bottom
after my initial look over

Looking into the cracks of the establishment
and I go through all the meat
I taste, poke, lick and suck
glove and probe if need be

I like to search all the folds
to insure its clean

I ask management how is landscaping done
manicure checked
if utensils are washed after every rotation

I ask for samples and a self-evaluation
I like the business to show confidence
even in frustration

weird positions, odd jobs and the turn over rate
if I don’t like the answers
I possibly check back at a later date

I search for hot zones, check boiling points
services offered
what it looks for in a lucrative relationship

I ask for future goals and employee aspirations
as I do my inspection
I don’t see nothing wrong with a one way conversation

I like to focus on the task at hand
fill my hands…
mouth and nostril glands
looking for the essence
and where we both stand

I have a job to do
and I do it as I am.

© Da Absentee 2011
Having fun with expression…  I always think that my Erotic Poetry speaks for its self…
As Always…
Stay Positive!

“Pen Against Pad…”


goes the pen against the pad
the irony of it blankets me
it falsifies and discredits me

pen to pad…
questions loom
is this all I have
all I ever will

the words my mother attempted to instill
thoughts of finally finding me
I have a muse
I ignore her call
Yet never forget
think eternally

pen to pad…
it’s as if a river runs through my mind
I feel… I have become lost in time
behind your eyes
I realize
I wish I knew
what you have behind your eyes

galaxy, orbit to star
stream along, guide along
how long, how far
we are who we are
even if we don’t understand
how we became…

I / We wonder who we are…

© Da Absentee 2012


Let’s see… You know when your mind is going. Then you have an idea then another. well this one actually came about because of that mental hopping. Instead of dissecting it and splitting it into 2 poems i left it as 1. Only because that is how it was written or conceived. (2 Thoughts running parallel at the same time) So with that being said if you bunch the “tap” verses together it flows as one.  Do the same for the  “pen” verses and the same is true.

As Always…

Stay Positive!