“In This Feeling”


In this dumbfounded…
scattered architecture damaged

lost in the focus
lost in the magic
lost in the hocus pocus
scum of the earth…

my opinion of this dilemma
what dilemma?.?.

I mean purpose

searched in vain
since then plastered my spot
no map
no g.p.s.

research then analyze work
compare the abstract
finding my place…

how I got here,
no clue
no one guiding on what to do

had good company
told me to
do what I do
with no data to compare to

this life
dangerous roads
even with no turns
yet constant yearn
draws into the feeling

darkened eyes, numb body
frozen brain
brings you to associate
and become deaths friend
perched on a ledge
contemplating death
tipsy leaning…
stealing the air
from my swollen chest…

© Da Absentee 2011



A moment of trying to figure out what this life is really about… What is my purpose there in… Not being in the best of moods.

As Always..

Stay Positive!

One response to ““In This Feeling”

  1. Well imagine life as a journey where you are diving through the folds of your own self; you’re the ship, the sails, the sailor, the wind and the sea
    Just make it a journey worth being taken for it’s a one-time one-way journey.

    I’ve missed your mind
    Peace & Light


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