“Pen Against Pad…”


goes the pen against the pad
the irony of it blankets me
it falsifies and discredits me

pen to pad…
questions loom
is this all I have
all I ever will

the words my mother attempted to instill
thoughts of finally finding me
I have a muse
I ignore her call
Yet never forget
think eternally

pen to pad…
it’s as if a river runs through my mind
I feel… I have become lost in time
behind your eyes
I realize
I wish I knew
what you have behind your eyes

galaxy, orbit to star
stream along, guide along
how long, how far
we are who we are
even if we don’t understand
how we became…

I / We wonder who we are…

© Da Absentee 2012


Let’s see… You know when your mind is going. Then you have an idea then another. well this one actually came about because of that mental hopping. Instead of dissecting it and splitting it into 2 poems i left it as 1. Only because that is how it was written or conceived. (2 Thoughts running parallel at the same time) So with that being said if you bunch the “tap” verses together it flows as one.  Do the same for the  “pen” verses and the same is true.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Let Me Know What Thoughts I Provoke!

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