“Inspector #9”

I don’t carry a clipboard, pen or badge
self-appointed; if it’s a career one can havewhen I go in,
in-between the fence and doors
they let me in

I turn on all the lights
I do inspections during the day
but highly prefer at night

the handbook I lay faith in
always leads me to the bottom
after my initial look over

Looking into the cracks of the establishment
and I go through all the meat
I taste, poke, lick and suck
glove and probe if need be

I like to search all the folds
to insure its clean

I ask management how is landscaping done
manicure checked
if utensils are washed after every rotation

I ask for samples and a self-evaluation
I like the business to show confidence
even in frustration

weird positions, odd jobs and the turn over rate
if I don’t like the answers
I possibly check back at a later date

I search for hot zones, check boiling points
services offered
what it looks for in a lucrative relationship

I ask for future goals and employee aspirations
as I do my inspection
I don’t see nothing wrong with a one way conversation

I like to focus on the task at hand
fill my hands…
mouth and nostril glands
looking for the essence
and where we both stand

I have a job to do
and I do it as I am.

© Da Absentee 2011
Having fun with expression…  I always think that my Erotic Poetry speaks for its self…
As Always…
Stay Positive!

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